RV Storage

We understand that an RV is an important investment. We also know how important it is to protect your RV during the off seasons, and in between vacations and road trips. Not only protecting your RV from scratches and dings, but also protecting it from the harsh elements of weather. The Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable, whether it’s the frigid cold, Oklahoma winds, or the sweltering Oklahoma heat. We can help ensure that your storage unit will protect your investment.

We have multiple sizes from which to choose from, so there are no worries about finding the right size storage unit within our facility. We also offer 78 ft. & 80 ft. pull-thru units for ease and convenience.

Our safe and secure facility comes with a number of amenities to ensure the safety of your prized possessions. Included in our amenities are monitored security alarms, 24/7 access, totally enclosed units (all concrete) with electric and lights (30 amp optional), security cameras and security lighting, sewer dump, air/water, customer restroom, large 65 ft., 70 ft., & 75 ft. driveways, easy access to I-240 in Oklahoma City, family owned and operated. Your RV deserves to be fully protected at Venture-Out Boat, RV, & Mini Storage

Here are a few of our sizes – we have several more sizes to choose from.

Unit Sizes Door Height – Width
13’W x 30’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 35’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 38’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 40’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 45’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 48’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 50’L 14’H – 11’W
13’W x 78’L (Pull Thru) 14’H – 11’W
14’W x 30’L
14’H – 12’W
14’W x 35’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 40’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 45’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 48’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 50’L
14’H – 12’W
14’W x 53’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 78’L (Pull-Thru) 14’H – 12’W
15’W x 35’L  14’H – 13’W
15’W x 40’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 45’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 48’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 53’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 78’L (Pull-Thru) 14’H – 13’W
16’W x 40’L
14’H – 14’W
16’W x 48’L 14’H – 14’W
16’W x 80’L 14’H – 14’W
  • Boat Storage OKCAccessible 24/7 Personalized Coded Gate Access Keypad
  • Various Storage Sizes
  • Totally Enclosed Storage Units (All Concrete)
  • Easy I-240 Access
  • Monitored Security Alarms on All Storage Units
  • Electrical Outlets & LED Lighting in Most Units (30 Amp Opt)
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Lighting
  • RV Dump Station/Water/Air
  • Customer Restroom
  • Large 65’ – 75′ Foot Concrete Driveways for Easy Access
  • Affordable Rates
  • Easy Payment Options